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    What Happens at Sanguis Lab?

    This year, more than 650,000 patients will receive chemotherapy. The vast majority of them will experience a reduction in blood cell counts as a side effect of these drugs, which can lead to serious complications and even death. To solve this problem, we have developed Sanguis, the world’s first hand-held, portable, and inexpensive blood cell counting device.

    Why does blood counting matter?

    This year, more than $600 million will be spent providing care for patients who experience serious complications as a result low blood cell counts. These costs are excessively high because many of these adverse events are identified late, the patients are seriously ill, and the treatment is in the emergency room setting. In contrast, with frequent blood cell monitoring, low blood cell counts can be identified early and the cost savings can be substantial. Our analysis suggests that healthcare insurance companies would be incentivized to cover the cost of Sanguis.

    Sanguis is Unique

    What separates us from our competitors is our unique technology, our absolute commitment to clinical validation, and our firm belief that point-of-care really means in the bedroom, not just at the bedside in a clinic or hospital setting.